Euro-Belt is an international company that specialises in the manufacture of high-quality plastic conveyor belts. The company has been operating under the management of Jan op den Velde since 1997 and became a family business a number of years ago. With more than 30 years of experience in the world of conveyor belts, quality and technical advice are of paramount importance at Euro-Belt. Through the years, the company has experienced stable growth and development. In order to accommodate this growth, Euro-Belt relocated to larger premises on Kitmanstraat in Alkmaar in 2009. In the Euro-Belt factory in Alkmaar, large numbers of customised conveyor belts are produced for customers all over the world. The conveyor belts can be produced in every desired length, width and model, all geared to the customer’s specific requirements. Euro-Belt works only with the best suppliers and in accordance with the latest directives.

Euro-Belt’s product range consists of approx 200 different types of plastic conveyor belt, and this number is growing every day thanks to Euro-Belt’s pursuit of innovation. Euro-Belt has a large number of these types in stock at widths of up to 3,000 mm. Thanks to its large product stock, Euro-Belt can realise fast delivery times, and this is helping the company to stand out in the market. Besides maintaining a large stock, Euro-Belt is also a flexible, reliable and expert partner. Euro-Belt supplies its products to the following sectors:


  • Agriculture and horticulture;
  • Industry;
  • Recycling;
  • Logistics;
  • Food industry;
  • Paper industry;
  • Airports;
  • Marble and granite processing.

Please visit the Euro-Belt website for a list of all the possible services and products offered by Euro-Belt. From flat non-endless belts to complex belt structures. Euro-Belt also makes it possible to have conveyor belts assembled by a skilled professional fitter on location.


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Thanks to our years of experience in the world of conveyor belts, you can rely on Euro-Belt to give you reliable and expert advice.



From express deliveries to having your conveyor belt assembled by an expert, nothing is too much for Euro-Belt. The options also include conducting assessments and providing consultancy on location.


Large stock

One of Euro-Belt’s unique selling points is that it maintains its own huge stock of products. Euro-Belt currently has around 200 different belt types in stock, most of which are available up to widths of 3,000 mm.


Fast delivery

Because it maintains a large stock of its own products, Euro-Belt can always guarantee fast delivery times. In addition, in emergencies it is sometimes even possible to dispatch products on the same day thanks to the large stock.



Euro-Belt’s conveyor belts can be produced in every desired length, width and model. All of these specifications are based on the customer’s specific requirements.



Besides manufacturing plastic conveyor belts, Euro-Belt can also provide its customers with a large number of services.

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Thanks to our team’s many years of experience, Euro-Belt can always guarantee reliable and expert technical advice. Euro-Belt’s field staff would be happy to help you assess the situation on location.

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On location

Euro-Belt can arrange all the work required to weld and assemble conveyor belts on location. Our fitters have all the latest equipment required to weld to a belt width of 3,000 mm.


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