Cover Material

If systems are subjected to skidding, this results in extra wear and tear to the conveyor belt, drums and bearings. To prevent this, it can be decided to use a drum cover. The use of a drum cover has the following advantages:


  • Less skidding;
  • Less belt tension required;
  • Less rapid wear and tear of the conveyor belt and of the system components


Euro-Belt’s standard range includes the following cover materials:


  • Laminop (NP) (self-adhesive);
  • Lamiglad (self-adhesive);
  • Fishbone (FB);
  • Large stud (GNP);
  • Crossrib (CR).


Euro-Belt also supplies various rubber cover materials:

  • Rubber pane 6 mm;
  • Rubber pane 8 mm;
  • Rubber smooth.


All cover materials are available in a choice of colours and models.


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