Reinforcement strips

High-frequency welding can be used to bond the reinforcement strips to the gauze belt both longitudinally and laterally. For wider versions, we often choose to place several reinforcement strips longitudinally in order to provide the belt with additional support. To give the gauze belt more lateral stability, reinforcement strips can also be placed in the conveyor belt’s width. This must also be done when cleats are to be fitted to the belt.


The edge of the gauze belt is strengthened with PVC reinforcement to minimise fraying. This gives the conveyor belt a longer service life.


PU reinforcement strips provide an even more wear-resistant option. Since this is a closed material without woven fabric carcass, the risk of shrinkage in wet/damp conditions is also minimised.


A metal-detectable variant of the PU reinforcement strip can also be supplied. This version is designed so that if any residue from the reinforcement strip should get into your product, it can be spotted by the metal detector or the X-ray inspection system.


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