Round conveyors

Round conveyors are designed to make optimum use of the space available in your production area. They can be used in a range of production processes, for instance in the agricultural sector, distribution centres, bakeries and especially chocolate factories.


The manufacture of round mats is a highly specialised process and can only be performed correctly with the right knowledge and experience. Euro-Belt uses a digital (CNC) cutting machine. This is because the slightest error in cutting or measurement can cause major issues during your production process. The conveyor belts that are used in a curved conveyor must have a flexible fabric backing so they can rotate smoothly around the turn. We offer various colours and thicknesses in PVC and PU which are available in a range of hardness ratings.


As well as cutting and welding round mats, Euro-Belt can also fit them with perforations, grommets, bearing sets or tracking guides.


Please get in touch with our sales department for further details and/or professional advice.


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