Welding methods

A conveyor belt can be made endless either by hot vulcanising or by using a mechanical fastening system. Hot vulcanising involves preparing the two ends of a belt, then laying them together and using heat to weld them to each other.


A mechanical fastening system is used when the conveyor belt is difficult to position on site because the machinery cannot easily be disassembled. A mechanical fastening system may also be considered if it does not matter if the splice is thicker than the rest of the belt. Euro-Belt has a wide range of stainless steel and plastic belt fastening systems by top brands such as Flexco, Anchor, Alligator and Minet.


The choice of welding method depends on a number of factors:

  • The product being handled;
  • The required tensile strength of the conveyor belt;
  • The thickness of the conveyor belt;
  • The space around the conveyor belt.

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